About us

Informatix Solutions are an independent Consultancy specializing in IT high technology and architecture. We specialise in creating highly optimized platforms for High Frequency Trading (HFT)) and large scale Cloud deployments. We have expertise at all layers of the software and hardware stack and are able to make the optimize across all components. If you want the lowest latency, lowest jitter HFT platform or a Cloud platform running across 100's of servers, talk to us.

High Frequency Trading requires very fast, low latency, low jitter systems where every microsecond counts. Every layer in the technology stack has to be carefully selected and perfectly tuned. We are able to bring our expertise at each of these layers to bear to deliver the best latency. You can read more about our high frequency trading capabilities here.

Cloud scale systems are very different from traditional enterprise applications. They have effectively unlimited numbers of users, no maintenance windows and need to be directly accessible from the Internet with all its security implications. This requires a different set of design patterns, management and often even different programming languages. We've been working in this area since before it was called Cloud. We already cut our teeth by designing many large dot.com sites (ask us for a copy of the book we wrote on the topic). We have now combined this with what we had learnt deploying large Grid solutions into our first Cloud systems, designing large scale infrastructure and providing the capability to manage and operate this wit what is now called DevOps. Since then, the industry has moved forward. We needed better application scalability, we could no longer afford the bottleneck of traditional database solutions. Now we favour Erlang/OTP together with noSQL databases as the basic building blocks for any new Cloud solutions. We've already helped one new startup realize its vision using this approach. Read more about our Cloud capabilities here.

The Internet of Things (IOT) is predicted to reach 20-50 billion by 2020. We are already working on a cloud scale platforms to support these..

Whilst these might seem like completely different applications, for us as hard core technologists we see a lot in common. We are also fairly unique in being about to transfer technologies between the two. We are now applying noSQL to the ever increasing data demands of Trading systems. Meanwhile, we are seeing benefits from using the low latency, high performance networking, and messaging solutions we've used for High Frequency Trading in our Cloud systems.

We are constantly exploring new technologies, looking for ways they can be utilized for business advantage. This requires that we discover the constraints as well as the features. We cover all layers of the infrastructure as well as a deep understanding of software systems. We work best by being able to look at the end-to-end solution and can either take architecture responsibility for the whole solution or face off to each of the implementation and support teams.

We take a formal scientific approach to this. Exploring new technologies, getting beyond the vendor hype to understand what systems can really do and the constraints surrounding them. This is often followed by laboratory testing which first looks at the functionality and then looks at the Manageability, Reliability and Observability capabilities. We've taken many new technologies right through to critical production operation and have a clear appreciation of what this takes in a major financial institution.

We always seek to transfer skills to our clients. To help this we continue to develop an extensive range of training workshops. These can either be run separately or utilized within a larger engagement.

As independent Consultants we have helped many organizations make the best decision when selecting a new technology or product. We have a Technology Selection process to guide this that overcomes the problems of the typical RFI/RFP.

We are currently working on lower latency solutions for High Frequency Trading and creating reliable and scalable Cloud solutions from commodity components and Open Source software to support large populations of Users or IOTs.

We were early involved in Grid and Cloud computing, particularly solving problems around large scale computing and how to efficiently manage these environments.

We have helped a number of high tech startups by taking an interim CTO role to help move from vision to system design and even helped with the implementation.

Richard Croucher

Richard Croucher Conference shot

Richard is Chief Architect and Founder of Informatix Solutions, he has been an IT architect for over 20 years. He is a Fellow of the British Computer Society and a Fellow of STAC Research. He has served as VP of High Frequency Engineering at Barclays, a Chief Architect at Sun Microsystems, a Principle Architect at Microsoft Corporation and an Associate Partner at Citihub. Richard specialises in introducing the latest technology into mission critical environments. The last several years has seen a focus on low latency trading systems, where he has carried out major projects for tier 1 Investment Banks and High Frequency traders. However, his deep architecture experience enables him to apply this understanding to any new and emerging technologies. He takes an active, hands-on approach to gain a real understanding of the capabilities of any new technology and then seeks ways in which it can be used to deliver business advantage. His long experience of supporting mission critical production environments means he has a deep appreciation of the issues and challenges of taking these new technologies successfully into production.